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Travel is much more than purchasing tickets online. Avid travelers research prospective destinations and respect the process because of their options.


  • Targeted Mailing – we reach 40,000 of Metro Atlanta’s most affluent and well-traveled homeowners. Our readers are the most qualified in the industry. This community-focused advertising, allows our readers to be a part of an exclusive group of travelers.
  • Quality Demographics – the average home value of our readers is $587,000 and the average income is $131,900 (more than triple the U.S. average for home income)
  • Engaging Content – we partner with some of the most well respected travel writers in the country to bring our readers the most relevant content
  • Travel Frequency – our readers travel an average of 7.5 times per year, spending an average of $3,000 per trip.



Atlanta Travel is the premier travel publication in the Metro Atlanta area. Due to engaging local-inspired content and relevant travel options based on the time of the year, Atlanta Travel has a captive audience.

  • Total circulation of 40,000 copies delivered monthly
  • Additional copies delivered to travel agencies, hotels, local doctors’ and dentists’ offices, retail venues, and restaurants
  • 125,000+ monthly readers
  • Average household income is $131,900
  • Average home values ranging from $450,000 to $8.5M

DIGITAL is our digital home and shows an increase in visits each month.

  • * 55,000+ unique visitors per month
  • * 850,000+ impressions per month
  • Free digital version of publication




Ranks #1: most affluent and educated local audience

  • Median HHI: $131,900
  • Median Age: 46.4
  • 87% College educated
  • 74% Employed
  • 70% Household net worth $250,000+
  • Spend money on domestic and foreign vacations

  • 92% Own a valid passport
  • Take 7.5 trips a year
  • Stay in a hotel room 15+ nights/ year